(from New Life Bible Church Women’s recipe box)

If you click on the diagram of the cross, it will be larger and you can see how the clothespins should be lined up. Or, you can right click on the diagram and save it to your computer and print it out.



  • 16 Spring Clothespins
  • Tacky Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Mod Podge Sparkle or Matte for sealing
  • Paint Brush
  • Assorted Decorations (optional)
  • Thin Plastic Cutting Board or Sheet


  1. Take the clothespins apart, removing the springs without breaking the wood. (Be careful they can pinch your fingers.) Set the springs aside, they are not needed in this craft.

  2. Glue the pins back together using the tacky glue so you can line them up as evenly as possible. While gluing the pins use either waxed paper or the plastic sheet to place them on while they dry (about an hour).

  3. After the pins dry, lay them out in a pattern choosing the best-looking side of the pins for the front side. Follow the diagram.

  4. Carefully apply tacky glue on sides of pins and line them up according to the diagram. You can do this in sections to make it easier to assemble them up correctly. I used a clear thin cutting board to assemble this cross on.

  5. Allow to dry about 1-2 hours, carefully turning over after one hour, to dry thoroughly.

  6. When dry, use glue gun on backside of cross in cracks to give extra strength.

  7. Seal front with Mod Podge to preserve wood color. You can use on all of the cross, but the Sparkle Mod Podge is used only on the front. Allow to dry at least 1 hour each side in well-ventilated area.

  8. To apply flowers or other decorations, use the glue gun.

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