Classic Club Sandwich

(from saymyname’s recipe box)

Serves 1 people

Categories: Chicken, Lunch, Main Dish, Sandwich


  • 3 slices white bread (with our without crust)
  • 1 tablespoon mayonnaise (about)
  • 2 lettuce leaves (romaine or iceberg)
  • 4 thin slices tomatoes
  • 4 slices cooked bacon
  • 4 ounces cooked chicken breasts , thinly sliced
  • 4 cocktail sticks


  1. Toast bread until crisp.

  2. Spread mayo on one side of each slice.

  3. Take first slice, mayo side up, and top with 1 lettuce leaf and 2 tomato slices.

  4. Neatly layer 2 bacon slices and half the chicken on top.

  5. Cover with second toast slice, mayo side up.

  6. Continue with remaining fillings.

  7. Top with third toast slice, mayo side down.

  8. Secure layers with cocktail sticks, making sure the reach to the bottom of the sandwich.

  9. Using a serrated knife, cut diagonally into 4 triangles.

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