mason jar salads

(from Asaka’s recipe box)

perfect for work

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  • Poppyseed: Layer, in this order:
  • -poppyseed dressing
  • -carrot shreds
  • -green peas
  • -pineapple
  • -blueberries
  • -raspberries
  • -lettuce
  • Asian:
  • -light asian ginger dressing
  • -peapods
  • -carrot shreds
  • -cabbage shreds
  • -water chestnuts
  • -green peas
  • -bean sprouts
  • -quinoa
  • -toasted sesame seeds
  • -lettuce
  • Seafood
  • (I make a light dressing with light mayo, skim milk, s and p, and parmesan
  • -dressing
  • -cabbage shreds
  • -cherry tomatoes (halved)
  • -black olives
  • -celery
  • -drained canned crab / drained canned salad shrimp
  • -lettuce
  • Caesar:
  • -light Caesar dressing
  • -carrot shreds
  • -diced grilled chicken
  • -celery
  • -cukes
  • -lettuce
  • -parmesan
  • (add croutons later) ...they get mooshy in the jar.


  1. Dressing on the bottom, lettuce on the top. If the two are touching the lettuce will turn to slime.

  2. So, dressing goes in first. On top of your dressing, use a rather “hearty” vegetable, such as shredded cabbage, pea pods, or julienne carrot matchsticks. They can withstand the acidity of the dressing, and actually get better!

  3. Pack it in. Use a nice variety of colorful vegetables! Make it fun and involve the kids.

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