Grandma Randolph’s Eggnog

(from travlnears’s recipe box)

Makes approximately 1 gallon

Source: 14tonks (from RecipeThing user JulieW8)

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  • 12 eggs
  • 1 c. sugar (natural or light brown)
  • 2 c. rum or bourbon
  • 1 c. apricot or peach brandy
  • 1 qt. whole milk
  • 1 pt. cream
  • 1/2 t. nutmeg, preferably freshly grated


  1. Separate eggs. Beat yolks until thick and add sugar gradually.

  2. Add rum drop by drop at first and then very slowly, beating constantly. Add brandy the same.

  3. Place in a bottle in refrigerator to mellow overnight, then mix in milk, cream, and nutmeg.

  4. Beat egg whites separately until they form soft peaks, then fold into base when ready to serve in punch bowl, or eggnog may then be rebottled and refrigerated for several days for individual servings—just shake the bottle well before pouring.

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