Lisa’s (Mom) Favorite Reipe

(from Peachblossm’s recipe box)

Submitted to the Family Cookbook via phone to Aunt Corene
Kids will love to make dinner this way!

Source: Mom

Prep time: 2 minutes
Cook time: 60 minutes

Categories: Easy


  • Leftovers... Lisa likes casseroles best


  1. Place leftover casserole in saucepan on high heat.

  2. You may stir if you wish, then leave the kitchen.

  3. This is a good time to bathe the baby or walk the dog.

  4. When smoke alarm goes of, remove casserole remains from burner.

  5. Open windows, scrape out pan, call Domino’s.

  6. Slightly faster version:

  7. Place small amount of casserole on burner, then emptying remaining casserole down disposal. This will save you pan scrubbing while still setting off the smoke alarm.

  8. Timing your husband’s arrival home is more important when using this method.

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