Categories: candy, easter


  • one pkg semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • one pkg pretzel sticks
  • one pkg marshmallow peeps-chicks
  • one pkg coconut
  • one bottle green food coloring
  • one pkg jellybean eggs


  1. first put choc. chips in bowl in microwave just until melted, approx one minute – check, stir, and heat in small increments until melted.

  2. (do not over microwave or chocolate will seize).

  3. let cool slightly.

  4. put coconut in bowl with a few drops of green dye and stir until coconut is green.

  5. Break pretzles into 1-1 1/2 inch pieces.

  6. Mix pretzels in chocolate

  7. with a large spoon make mounds of choc. pretzel mixture on wax paper lined baking sheet (about 4)

  8. Use the back of spoon to press the middle of each mound to form a nest.

  9. sprinkle dyed coconut around the edge of nest

  10. Add marsh.peep andn 3 or 4 jelly bean eggs around peep. (you MIGHT need to lightly dip jellybean eggs in melted choc so they stick) refrigerate to harden

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