Second Fermenting with Fruit/veggies

(from greenfood’s recipe box)


  • Second Fermenting
  • Make your kefir using the basic technique, removing the grains afterward.
  • Place the kefir in a jar with a lid.
  • Take the prebiotic item you want to ferment with (choose from items below or experiment) and place in your jar with your kefir. Remember, less is more. Too much fruit can cause your kefir to separate and taste bitter. One small peel of lemon or one slice
  • Leave the jar on your counter for 1 to 4 hours or (up to a half day), then place the kefir in your refrigerator. It is now ready to eat and enjoy. If the kefir separates into whey a little this is fine, and you can then place it in the fridge. If you want
  • I leave the fruit in the jar and just keep adding kefir to it until it starts to get soft and begins to fall apart, then I will add fresh fruit and second ferment again.

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