Chicken Kabobs

(from cokerlj’s recipe box)

Source: Linda Coker

Categories: BBQ, Chicken, Poultry


  • 1 red, yellow or green bell pepper or a combination cut into chunks
  • 1 pound chicken tenders cut into chunks
  • 1 large onion cut into chunks
  • 1 container pineapple chunks from fresh produce
  • 1 box button mushrooms
  • 1 package bamboo skewers
  • Chicken Marinade, recipe in this book or your own favorite.


  1. TIP: Do not place the chunks of fresh pineapple next to the chicken…it does something “funky” to the chicken.

  2. Arrange in alternating fashion above ingredients on skewers. Get creative, you can use your own combination of veggies.

  3. Place skewers in a shallow pan and drizzle your chicken marinade over all.

  4. Place in fridge until you are ready to grill, making sure that kabobs are coated in marinade.

  5. Grill on medium high heat until veggies and chicken are cooked through.

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