Jitrnice – A Czech Breakfast Sausage

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Haven’t tried making this as yet…but I’ve eaten several versions of this.
Pronounced “ether-nich-ah”.
Old farm recipe.

Source: Sheree Kristinek

Categories: Breakfast, Curing/Smoking & Cooking Meat & Game, Pork


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  1. Old time recipes called for using head, heart, tongue and liver of a hog. Sheree said most people have stopped using heart, liver and tongue and just use the head and extra pork such as a Boston butt roast. The liver and heart can get a real strong taste.

  2. You cook the head and cut up Boston butt in water with salt and pepper until it is all tender. Also add a couple cloves of garlic to the water.

  3. Remove from broth (save broth) and chop or grind. Add 1-2 cloves finely chopped garlic to the ground meat.

  4. Cook 2 cups of long grain rice.

  5. Mix the rice into the meat/garlic mixture.

  6. Add enough of the broth to make the mixture easy to handle and stuff into casings.

  7. Salt and pepper to taste…I remember this having quite a bit of pepper, keeping in mind that I am not a fan of pepper but this is one of those things that is actually better with pepper.

  8. Drop the sausages back into the broth and cook 40 minutes…you might have to add extra water if there is not enough broth.

  9. Remove from broth.

  10. Keeps in freezer.

  11. To serve, heat/fry in skillet until brown or heated through. My mother would always slice the sausage in half length wise and brown the “open” side and sort of peel the casing off and not eat the casing.

  12. Eat as you would a breakfast sausage or crumble after cooked and scramble with your eggs.

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