Belongs to anscott85 Potato Rings 

serve with ranch for dipping

ready in about 780 minutes; serves 8
You might need to buy:
  • large russet potatoes
  • heavy cream
  • caramelized yellow onions
  • rice flour
You might need to buy:
  • packed brown sugar
  • tomato sauce
  • ground turkey
  • herb seasoned stuffing mix
  • Condensed french onionn soup
  • egg
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Vinegar
You might need to buy:
  • meatballs.
  • undrained crushed pineapple with juice.
  • barbecue sauce
You might need to buy:
  • mayonnaise
  • crescent rolls
  • Shredded cheese
  • Vegetables
  • ranch dry dressing
You might need to buy:
  • garlic
  • chopped onion
  • fresh cilantro leaves
  • whole tomatoes with juice
  • sugar
  • salt
  • ground cumin
You might need to buy:
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • each finely chopped red bell pepper and finely chopped onion
  • sharp shredded cheese
  • softened cream cheese
  • ground red pepper
  • Lemon Juice
Belongs to Joanna Salmon Ceviche 
ready in about two hours and 20 minutes; serves 4
You might need to buy:
  • black sesame seeds
  • sesame oil
  • sesame seeds
  • Raw Fresh Wild Salmon

these are delicious! I was fooling around hungry craving stuffed mushrooms and just threw in everything I like (sorry I don’t measure much) and it came out mmm good! Great for an appetizer, this makes about 24-36 mushrooms depending on the size mushroom and how much you stuff into them… leftover mixture is also great toasted on about any type of bread

ready in about an hour
You might need to buy:
  • Large mushrooms
  • fresh spinach
  • chopped onion
  • bacon pieces
  • mild sausage
  • cream cheese
  • minced garlic
  • butter or olive oil
  • mozzarella/parmesian or white cheddar cheese
You might need to buy:
  • bread
  • yogurt
  • cottage cheese
  • cucumbers
  • tomatoes
  • olive oil
Belongs to vilben Devil eggs 

70 calories pr egg

You might need to buy:
  • hard boiled eggs,
  • plain yogurt,
  • dijon mustard,
  • finely chopped onion,
  • honey,
  • paprika,
  • chilli powder.