serves 4
You might need to buy:
  • medium banana
  • frozen strawberries
  • maple syrup
serves 24
You might need to buy:
  • cold asiago cheese
  • pine nuts
  • sage
Belongs to kylerhea Molasses Bread 

Yield: One 9 × 5-inch loaf, about 15 slices

serves 15
You might need to buy:
  • salt
  • ground ginger
  • baking powder
  • unbleached all-purpose flour
  • whole wheat pastry flour
  • plain low-fat yogurt
  • packed light or dark brown sugar
  • large eggs
  • baking soda
  • blackstrap molasses
  • canola oil
serves 6
You might need to buy:
  • fat-free refried beans
  • 6-inch corn tortillas
  • chopped fresh cilantro
  • chopped scallions

You might need to buy:
  • lemonade
  • frozen strawberries
  • lemon yogurt
  • vanilla extract

Makes about 9 cups.


You might need to buy:
  • sugar
  • baking powder
  • salt


serves 16
You might need to buy:
  • large egg
  • packed light brown sugar

“Traditional pat├ęs are often made from high-fat meats and liver. They can be delicious and quite elegant, but less than nutritious. This vegetarian version is elegant, filled with flavor, and nutritious. Enjoy it on a special occasion or as an everyday spread with whole grain crackers.”

serves 8
You might need to buy:
  • large eggplant
  • walnut pieces
  • extra-virgin olive oil
  • ground allspice
  • Salt and hot pepper sauce to taste

“This little dish makes a good mid-morning snack, especially for people trying to restrict their carbohydrate intake. Pestos are a great ingredient to have on hand; experiment with some of the more innovative varieties – just make sure to read the labels carefully.”

serves 1
You might need to buy:
  • hard boiled egg
  • pesto
Belongs to kylerhea Hummus 

“This wonderful bean spread has gained in popularity over the past few years. Our version has all the benefits of a more traditional recipe, but with less olive oil. The combination of garbanzo beans (also called chickpeas), tahini, lemon juice, cumin and garlic is a show-stopper. This is wonderful as a sandwich spread or as a dip with raw vegetables or pita triangles. Keep a batch in your refrigerator all the time and you’ll never be without a nutritious snack or lunch.”

serves 10
You might need to buy:
  • baking soda
  • sesame tahini
  • cold water
  • fresh lemon juice
  • ground cumin
  • extra-virgin olive oil