Belongs to Lisa Mc Apple Pie 
ready in about an hour and a half; serves 8
You might need to buy:
  • thinly sliced Apples
  • - 1/2 C Sugar
You might need to buy:
  • water
  • bag fresh cranberries
You might need to buy:
  • water
  • sugar
  • salt
Belongs to cokerlj Glorified Pumpkin Pie 
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
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This came from our Reznicek Family. Olga, Pam & Pamela!

You might need to buy:
  • eggs
  • sugar
  • unflavored gelatin
  • cold water
  • Cinnamon to taste
  • to taste
  • Just a tiny smidgen of nutmeg or allspice
  • baked pie shell
  • Cool whip if desired.
ready in about 40 minutes; serves 6
You might need to buy:
  • mayonnaise
  • garlic salt
  • herb-seasoned stuffing mix
  • Paprika
Belongs to acrazyraisin Lentil Loaf 

The original recipe was for mini loaves, and it works as a big loaf as well, but I find I like the sauce to loaf ration better when I cook it in a baking pan. I always double the recipe and bake it in a 9×13 pan because the leftovers are tasty as well.

You might need to buy:
  • lentils
  • water
  • rolled oats
  • garlic powder
  • salt
  • pepper
  • cranberry sauce
  • powedered ginger
  • dried onion to sprinkle on top
Belongs to abbra Turkey Brine 
You might need to buy:
  • apple juice or apple cider
  • water
  • Tbl. fresh rosemary leaves
  • kosher salt
  • brown sugar
  • Tbl. peppercorns
  • whole bay leaves
  • baking soda
  • salt
  • Peel of three large oranges
You might need to buy:
Belongs to hollyanna Pumpkin Torte 

Wonderful! Freezes well.

You might need to buy:
  • Sugar
  • eggs
  • butter
  • Cinnamon
  • large container Cool Whip or store brand
  • equivalent
  • Bag of graham cracker crumbs

*We like a combination of all-purpose and white whole wheat flours here. Use all AP (for a higher rise), or all white whole wheat (for more fiber and a lower rise), if desired.

You might need to buy:
  • cinnamon Flav-R-Bites or cinnamon chips